What is Aiki Jujistu?

Male student practices Aiki ju justu throw

Aiki-jujutsu is similar to Jiu-jitsu in many ways as it utilises the skills of joint locks, restraints, chokes, throws, take-downs, grappling, and atemi – the study of pressure points and associated strikes. However, Aiki-jujutsu places more emphasis on the use of subtleness and less upon the use of force to gain compliance from an attacker. Evasion, timing, unbalancing, misdirection, and the redirection of an attacker’s force, all whilst using minimal effort, are all key elements of Aiki-Jujitsu practice. Many confuse concepts of subtlety, like softness, flow, flexibility, as somehow being weak. Nevertheless, in the hands of a focused practitioner, Aiki-Jujutsu can be a highly effective martial art and self-defence system. Furthermore, as you don’t need strength to learn this system, our system of Aiki-jujutsu is an art suited to anyone.

Perth Martial Arts Academy Aiki-Jujutsu program can be broken into three essential methods: Ju-jutsu (hard); Aiki no jutsu (soft); and the combined Aikijujutsu (hard/soft). the harder methods focus more on the use of Atemi, pressure point strikes, and the softer methods focus more on precision timing to affect any given technique. Through the study of correct Aiki-jujutsu methods, and safe and appropriate practices, students will learn a greater sense of awareness and coordination vital for longevity in life and the correct study of martial arts.

Unlike some styles of Aikido, a commonly encountered derivative of Aiki-jujutsu made famous by practitioners like Steven Seagal, our Aiki-jujutsu program effectively integrates both original forms, kata, and modern self-defence applications. Whether your focus is traditional or modern, you can also be assured of the quality of training at Perth Martial Arts Academy. Our instructors are directly connected to a lineage of Aiki-jujutsu Masters tracing back generations in Japan: Sokaku Takeda, founder of Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujutsu; passed to the founder of Hakkō-ryu Jujutsu; who passed to the Founder of Jishukan Ryu, the principle style of Aiki-jujutsu at Perth Martial Arts Academy. Any new student or beginner enrolling at Perth Martial Arts Academy can be assured that the techniques taught will adhere to the principles that have made these systems stand the test of time.

Through training Aiki-jujutsu at the Academy you will develop an improved understanding of balance, coordination, timing, harmony of movement, posture, and correct body mechanic use in the martial arts. This understanding is extremely important, particularly for effective self-defence. If you are able to move more efficiently and effectively, then the defending yourself against an assault will be more acheivable. Aiki-Jujutsu practice is useful in providing fluid self-defence skills and provides some advantages in terms of dealing with armed and multiple attackers. Our instructors also successfully integrate the readily usable components of Aiki-Jujutsu into our comprehensive beginner martial arts program. Perth Martial Arts Academy’s Aiki-jujutsu program will assist any student to substantially improve their understanding of unarmed, armed, stand-up and ground-fighting training methods.