What is Jishukan Ryu?

Jishukan Ryu is a traditional style of martial arts which combines Jiu-jitsu, Aiki-Jujutsu, Kenpo, Karate, Jojutsu, traditional Japanese medicine, and other rarely encountered training methods. Jishukan Ryu is one of the first true traditional yet practical mixed martial arts schools. Jishukan Ryu was developed by Shuho Sugita, our first Principal and Master. He researched the Martial Arts and combined the above mentioned methods with an understanding of modern medical science, anatomy, physiology, body mechanics/dynamics and psychology to make one complete system.

Shuho Sugita was born in Shimozuki Japan and was raised in Yokohama. He inherited his Martial Arts interest from his father and went into training during early childhood. Sugita eventually came to the attention of Master Saito, who was regarded as one of the greatest martial arts masters of the time. Master Saito quickly saw Sugita as a young man of great genius with limitless potential so he took it upon himself to teach him personally. Sugita was trained by Master Saito in Jiu-jitsu, Kenpo, Karate, Hai a Na Wa which was known as the quick rope technique, and JoJutsu the stick art. When he was thirteen years old he was granted an honourable certificate. He later received his training at some of the most auspicious martial arts schools of the day, namely, the Kodokan Takehashi Dojo, the Shiroken Dojo and the Kitoro Kodokan. After many years training at some of the best dojos in Japan, Sugita went on a pilgrimage to many places searching for new instructors and new methods, studying many classical and non-classical martial art training methods.

Whilst training at these dojos, Sugita came to realize a great many things about the advantages and disadvantages of modern martial arts versus classical martial arts practice and the fact that there was room for both if approached the right way. Sugita’s constant message to his students was that all martial artists should view sincere martial arts practice as a vehicle to be successful in all aspects of life, not just in fighting and winning at any cost. Without this awareness, overall success is unlikely.

Unlike some modern approaches to mixed martial arts, where fighters can be short-sighted searching for accolades rather than improvement in all areas of life, Jishukan Ryu is a true mixed martial arts system that contributes to the betterment of people and is a great system to ensure longevity in the martial arts and life in general. Evidence of this is Jishukan Ryu’s current Masters in Japan are very active in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Additionally, we feel honored by the many stories we hear from students who credit their personal success to the Jishukan Ryu training methodology. Conversely, for every person that makes it to the top of the ladder in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, UFC, and MMA, Mixed Martial Arts competitions, many thousands fall by the wayside due to injury, incorrect practices, and self-centred approaches to training.

In 1947 Soke Shuho Sugita started the Jishukan Ryu Dojo in Kanazawa Yokohama. Soke (which means Founder or First Master) died in 1983. His later years in Jishukan Ryu involved him working in the Jishukan Ryu Medical Clinic, practicing Shiatsu and giving medical care to the local community and students when it was necessary. In 1961 Jishukan Ryu was introduced to Australia by Australian Army Colonel James Laughlin who was privileged to learn Jishukan Ryu directly from Soke. Currently, Jishukan Ryu has branches in WA, NSW, VIC, ACT, and QLD. The Team at Perth Martial Arts Academy pride ourselves on our safety record and inclusive nature of our classes and we are grateful that we could have a teacher who could show us a better way. Jishukan Ryu provides a solid foundation for self-defence and improved physical and mental health. If you seek life-long study and a deeper-understanding of complete martial arts practice then Jishukan Ryu is the martial art for you.