What is Jojutsu?

Jojutsu is a martial art devoted to the mastery of the combative aspects of the Jo, a wooden staff or short stick. Jojutsu is also frequently spelt as Jojitsu. The Jo is a very versatile and simple weapon as the length of the staff or stick used can vary from 10 cm to 180 cm. In Jojutsu training, students are taught to use the Jo against other weapons, to strike vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body and, if desired to restrain an attacker or attackers with painful and incapacitating joint locks and throws.

In Feudal Japan, Jojutsu techniques were often used against the sword and only taught to Samurai and Police. Because of its convenient length, the Jo is still used today by various police departments for riot control and other confrontations where firearms are inappropriate. Jojutsu requires a high level of maturity and skill, so prerequisites must be met before beginning this training method. Due to the serious nature of this training, those wishing to enrol in Jojutsu training will require substantial joint locking experience from a Perth Martial Arts Academy Jiu-jitsu or Aiki-jujutsu training program, or equivalent, and experience in Jodo (please see our Jodo, Jiu-jitsu, and Aiki-jujutsu pages for further information on these arts).