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Martial Arts

Perth martial arts training is a fun and complete system of self defence, functional fitness, strength & conditioning, & personal development for men, women, & children of all ages & sizes.

Self Defence

Self defence classes for men & women designed to teach you how to quickly & effectively deal with the most dangerous physical assault situations often encountered in Perth.

Striking Arts

Striking methods include those commonly found in Karate, Kick boxing, boxing, & Muay Thai. We use all methods of striking & evasion, providing effective self defence whilst improving fitness.

Grappling Arts

We teach all methods of submission grappling, including traditional & modern Jiu jitsu. Our classes cover striking defence, sweeps, take-downs, throws, chokes, locks, holds, & more.

Wrestling Arts

Wrestling includes all styles of grappling, clinching, unbalancing, takedowns, pins, holds & much more. Perth Martial Arts wrestling classes cover all forms of wrestling technique.


MMA classes at Perth Martial Arts combine all effective mixed martial arts methods of standing & ground based striking, clinching, take-downs, joint locks, throws, wrestling & more.

Weapon Arts

Perth martial arts weapons systems teach the use and defence against blunt implements (baton, stick, staff) and edged weapons (knives, sword, & spear). Prerequisites are required.


Perth Martial Arts functional fitness training will help you to lose weight & gain muscle tone, strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance, coordination & much more – All whilst having fun!

Kids Classes

Kids martial arts classes develop self defence skills, confidence, concentration, awareness, focus, resilience, responsibility, discipline, fitness, morals, values & so much more.

Why train at Perth Martial Arts?

Our skilled instructors use effective training techniques to increase fitness, strength, flexibility and conditioning and improve your fighting skills and physical development. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced practitioner of martial arts, you will gain practical self-defence skills at Perth Martial Arts Academy.