Weapon Arts

Weapon Arts

Perth martial arts weapons systems teach the use and defence against blunt implements (baton, stick, staff) and edged weapons (knives, sword, & spear). Prerequisites are required.

Stick Arts

Perth Martial Arts stick and staff training is devoted to the mastery of the combative aspects of the wooden staff or short stick. A stick is a very versatile and simple weapon as the length of the staff or stick used can vary from 10 cm to 180 cm. In stick training, students are taught to use the implement against other weapons, to strike vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body and, if desired to restrain an attacker or attackers with painful and incapacitating joint locks and throws. In Feudal Japan, stick techniques were often used against the sword and these techniques were typically only taught to Samurai and Police. The relevance of this type of implement is as valid today as it was back then, evident in the fact that the Baton/Stick/Staff is still used by various police departments throughout the world for a less-lethal method of riot control and other confrontations. All weapons training requires a high level of maturity and skill, so prerequisites must be met before beginning this training. Due to the serious nature of this training, those wishing to enrol in weapons training will require experience from a Perth Martial Arts Academy striking, grappling, wrestling, Jiu jitsu or other related training program, or equivalent before participating.

Knife/Edged Weapon Arts

Edged weapon training is only conducted once students have developed sound skills and demonstrated maturity in one or more of Perth Martial Arts unarmed programs followed by detailed stick training. These arts are not taught to children or those seeking skills for antisocial purposes. These arts are studied purely as a natural extension of normal martial art training and students must meet prerequisites before enrolling in these courses.