Wrestling Arts

Wrestling Arts

Importance of Wrestling

Wrestling is a corner stone of any functional multi-discipline martial art. It is the first step to understanding jiu jitsu, and the most important part of mastering MMA and self defence besides good striking.

Wrestling includes all styles of;

  • grappling
  • clinching
  • unbalancing
  • takedowns
  • pins
  • holds & much more.

Perth Martial Arts wrestling classes cover all forms of wrestling technique and adapt it for those wishing to use it to further their martial arts understanding, apply it in MMA or use it as a form of self defence.

Our instructors understand the strengths and weaknesses of different body types and help their students to develop a wrestling style that is perfect for their needs and abilities. Many find wrestling to be a great equaliser; Smaller, less athletic students are soon able to overwhelm their larger peers by applying a good understanding of technique and wrestling principles.