Martial Arts Classes

Martial Arts classes taught at Perth Martial Arts Academy include the following systems of training:

Martial Arts

Perth martial arts training is a fun and complete system of self defence, functional fitness, strength & conditioning, & personal development for men, women, & children of all ages & sizes.

Self Defence

Self defence classes for men & women designed to teach you how to quickly & effectively deal with the most dangerous physical assault situations often encountered in Perth.

Striking Arts

Striking methods include those commonly found in Karate, Kick boxing, boxing, & Muay Thai. We use all methods of striking & evasion, providing effective self defence whilst improving fitness.

Grappling Arts

We teach all methods of submission grappling, including traditional & modern Jiu jitsu. Our classes cover striking defence, sweeps, take-downs, throws, chokes, locks, holds, & more.

Wrestling Arts

Wrestling includes all styles of grappling, clinching, unbalancing, takedowns, pins, holds & much more. Perth Martial Arts wrestling classes cover all forms of wrestling technique.


MMA classes at Perth Martial Arts combine all effective mixed martial arts methods of standing & ground based striking, clinching, take-downs, joint locks, throws, wrestling & more.

Weapon Arts

Perth martial arts weapons systems teach the use and defence against blunt implements (baton, stick, staff) and edged weapons (knives, sword, & spear). Prerequisites are required.


Perth Martial Arts functional fitness training will help you to lose weight & gain muscle tone, strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance, coordination & much more – All whilst having fun!

Child Classes

Child martial arts classes develop self defence skills, confidence, concentration, awareness, focus, resilience, responsibility, discipline, fitness, morals, values & so much more.